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Bookmark this website for answers to all your questions about how to lose weight, how to maintain weight, and how to eat a nutritious diet for optimum health.

We explain different types of weight management strategies including: (1) traditional diet & weight loss programs, like Atkins Diet, Zone and Weight Watchers, (2) types of weight loss surgery, like gastric bypass and lap band to reduce severe clinical obesity, (3) types of obesity drugs, plus non-prescription diet supplements. We offer weight control guidelines for children, adolescents, women, diabetics, ex-smokers, plus information about exercise and metabolic rate, plus facts about healthy body weight, healthy body fat percentage, and healthy waist circumference.

We also offer advice about calorie needs, diet nutrition, fats, carbs and protein, as well as how to reduce cholesterol, plus a range of tools to help you assess your weight-related health risk. See also our articles on the treatment and health risks of obesity, weight reduction and weight maintenance.

Weight Management

Guide to Effective Dieting and Weight
Control For Adults and Children
Weight Loss Questions
Weight Reduction Advice
Weight Loss Goals
Guidelines to Lose Weight
Overweight Children/Teens
Weight Control For Children
Weight and Adolescents
Weight Loss For Teenagers
Weight Control in Pregnancy
Weight Control in Menopause
Weight Loss For Women
How to Lose Weight
Weight Control Advice
Weight Cycling
Weight Loss For Diabetics
How to Maintain Weight

Weight Loss Programs

Different Types of Weight Loss Plans
Weight Loss Programs
Weight Loss Diets
Healthy Weight Loss Diet
Appetite Hunger & Weight
Making a Weight Loss Plan
Types of Diets
High Protein Low Carb
Atkins Diet
South Beach Diet
Weight Watchers
Zone Diet

Severe Overweight

Mild, Morbid & Super Obesity
Obesity Facts
Weight Loss Guidelines
Obesity & Weight Loss
Obesity Drug Treatment
Obesity Treatment

Obesity Drugs

Diet Medication to Reduce Obesity
Weight Loss Drugs
Drugs FAQs
Do Diet Drugs Work?
Phentermine Pills
Sibutramine/Meridia Pills
Xenical Pills
Xenical Drug Study

Body Mass Index (BMI)

BMI is an Important Measure
of Your Weight and Body Fat
Body Mass Index Guide
Body Mass Index Calculator
Weight Chart
Quick Weight Estimate
Waist Circumference
Check Waist-Hip Ratio

Body Fat Information

What is a Healthy Level of
Body Fat, How to Lose Fat,
Why Fat Loss From Your Abdomen
Helps Reduce Risk of Heart Disease
Body Fat Guidelines
Healthy Body Fat Percentage
Body Shape: Types and Shapes
Body Weight Composition
Body Weight and Genes

Calorie Needs

Awareness of your energy needs
and the calorie-content of foods
is essential for weight management
Calculate Calorie Needs
Calorie Needs Estimate
Calorie Needs to Lose Weight
Weight Loss Advice

Diet Resources

Weight Issues
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Management Info
Weight Loss Support
Weight Loss Tools
Diet Books

Gastric Bypass to Reduce
Severe Clinical Obesity

Guide to Gastric Reduction Surgeries
Surgery Effect on Digestion
Weight Loss Surgery Guide
Gastrointestinal Surgery
Bariatric Surgery
Lap Band
Benefits and Risks

Dietary Advice

Guide to Healthy Diet Nutrition
Cholesterol Advice
Cholesterol Diet
Carbs & Weight Control
Diabetes Diet Advice
Dietary Guidelines
Vegetarian Diet Guide
Weight Loss Recipes
Diet Nutrition in Pregnancy
Diet For Healthy Weight
Weight Loss Program
Fast Weight Loss

Weight Loss Pills

Losing Weight With Pills
Diet Pills & Drugs
About Weight Loss Pills
Facts About Pills
Health Risks of Pills
Weight Loss Supplements

Weight and Health

Weight-related Health Risks
Underweight Health Risks
Obesity Health Risks
Metabolic Syndrome X
Weight Risk Assessment
Weight Risk Factors
Weight and Health
Hypothyroidism Advice
Healthy Weight Range

Exercise & Fitness

Importance of Physical Activity to
Reduce Fat and Improve Health
Weight Management
Exercise to Lose Weight
Metabolism Guide

Advice About Losing Weight
When we're overweight it's very tempting to look for some kind of miracle diet plan which promises instant fat loss. If we're obese, this temptation is even greater! Sadly, this kind of rapid fat reduction is not only unhealthy - it can cause gallstones - but it's also an illusion. The Internet is full of fad diets and supplements that are likely to leave you feeling unsatisfied and to cause rebound weight gain the moment you revert to "normal" eating habits. A better approach is to set yourself realistic weight loss goals, follow a healthy diet and take 30-45 minutes of physical exercise on most days. If you are too impatient to follow this type of weight loss plan, ask yourself this question: Would it really hurt you if you took (say) 12 months to achieve your ideal weight?

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