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Body Weight Set Point Theory
Personal Ideal Weight and Metabolic Rate
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Set Mechanism Affects Personal Weight Level & Controls Weight Gain & Loss

Body Weight and Set Point Theory

Set Point Theory

Some weight experts say that every individual has a personal metabolic rate that maintains a given weight, regardless of calorie intake. This 'personal ideal weight' - called the set point - is believed to be the reason why some dieters find that weight loss slows down at some point (weight loss plateau effect), or else they keep reverting back to a higher weight despite all their efforts to reduce calories and lose weight.

Set Point Theory and Weight Gain

Unfortunately, set point theory finds it more difficult to explain why the body tends not to revert to it's supposed set weight after we gain weight by eating too much! Maybe this is because the body is more worried about abrupt calorie-reduction and weight loss than about a higher calorie intake and weight gain. After all, the body's basic responses were programmed back in the Stone Age when the threat to survival was starvation, rather than morbid obesity.

Set Point Theory and Exercise

Whether or not our weight is predetermined by some set point, most weight experts agree that it can be altered by regular exercise. So if you experience a weight loss plateau effect, or if you find your weight creeping back up after dieting, add a few extra minutes to your daily exercise work out and your weight should reduce.


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