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How to Achieve Quick Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight Fast

We all want to lose weight fast. But WANTING to lose weight fast and ACTUALLY losing weight fast (without regain) are not the same.

Indeed, one reason we quit diets is because we want to lose weight too fast. And when this fast-weight-loss doesn't happen, our motivation goes up in smoke!

How to Successfully Lose Weight Fast

You can lose weight fairly fast, but it won't happen overnight. You need to adopt realistic weight loss goals. For example, aim to lose 2-3 pounds a week, maximum. This weekly weight loss totals 100-150 pounds a year. If you try to lose weight any faster, one of three things is likely to happen.

Possible Consequences of Trying to Lose Weight Too Fast

1. Your body slows down it's metabolism (rate of burning calories). Result? You get impatient with this slower weight loss and quit and feel a bigger failure.

2. You manage to lose weight fast, but because you haven't had time to develop good eating habits you regain the weight as soon as you stop dieting.

3. You manage to lose weight fast without regain. If so, you run an increased risk of developing loose skin and/or gallstones.

Best Approach to Weight Loss

Instead of trying to lose weight too fast, aim for LASTING weight loss without any health risks Aim to lose a maximum of 2-3 pounds a week and follow a healthy diet and exercise program.


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