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Responses to Obesity Treatment
Mechanism of Endothelial Dysfunction in Obesity
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Responses to Obesity Treatment

The primary analysis of forearm blood flow responses, expressed as a ratio of simultaneously measured blood flow in the treated versus the contralateral arm, revealed improvements in endothelium-independent responses as well as endothelium-dependent responses in the diet-plus-orlistat group, while no effect on endothelium-dependent responses was evident in the diet-plus-placebo group.

An alternative analysis is also presented, correcting the blood flow responses in the treated arm for the changes in composition, and not including the data from the contralateral arm. In this analysis, there was no significant change in either group in endothelium-independent responses but a significant improvement in endothelium-dependent responses in the diet-plus-orlistat group only.

Subsequent correlational analyses revealed a significant relationship of both endothelium-dependent and -independent blood flow responses with the change in LDL cholesterol concentrations. The authors interpret these findings as an improvement in endothelial function in the diet-plus-orlistat group, with a suggestion that alterations in circulating LDL levels mediate this beneficial effect, rather than another effect of weight loss alone. The finding of apparent changes in control measures of endothelium-independent responses somewhat mitigates the strength of this finding. However, a difference between groups was evident using both analyses and this degree of weight loss alone was insufficient to improve forearm endothelial function.

A relationship of LDL cholesterol to vascular function was demonstrated, but unfortunately in this instance, this is not specific to the endothelium-dependent responses. In all, these data put forward the possibility that modest weight loss alone might be insufficient to correct endothelial dysfunction in obesity, but rather that correction of other features of obesity-associated endothelial dysfunction may be required. Although confirmatory studies are needed, this important finding speaks to the mechanism of endothelial dysfunction in obesity.

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