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Olibra - Fat - Satiety and Food
Effects of Fat Emulsion Olibra on Satiety and Food Intake
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Olibra - Fat - Satiety & Food

Short-term effects of a novel fat emulsion (Olibra™ ) on satiety and food intake

Olibra Fat & Weight Loss Study Background
Despite the availability of behavioural and pharmacological weight reducing regimes, the prevalence of obesity in the UK continues to escalate. Satiety following food ingestion is one of the signals which inhibits the over-consumption of food. Although satiety is subject to complex and poorly understood physiological, psychological and environmental controls, there is evidence that it can be influenced by the relative levels of the macronutrients present, and also by variations in the physio-chemical characteristics of the macronutrients.

Olibra Fat & Weight Loss Study Methods
This presentation will focus on the effects of ingestion of a yoghurt containing 5g of a novel food emulsion (Olibra™) on subsequent short-term food intakes observed in two double-blind, placebo controlled within-subject cross-over studies. Olibra™ is formulated from fractionated palm oil (95 percent) and fractionated oat oil (5 percent) dispersed in water to give a total fat content of 42 percent (w/w).

The second study investigated the effects of ingesting Olibra™ at 4- and 8 h post-consumption in non-overweight (n=20), overweight (n=20) and obese (n=20) subjects.

Olibra Fat & Weight Loss Study Results
In the first study, ingestion of the test yoghurt resulted in a significant reduction in energy intake relative to control conditions at 4h post-consumption in 59 non-overweight subjects. In the second Study, mean energy intakes were significantly lower after the test yoghurt compared with the control yoghurt in non-overweight and overweight subjects at 4 h post-consumption and in non-overweight, overweight and obese subjects subjects at 8 h post-consumption. Futhermore, there was no evidence from self-reported intakes of a short-term compensatory increase in food intake in response to ingestion of Olibra™.

Olibra Fat & Weight Loss Study Conclusion
The results of these studies provide evidence that the chemical composition and physical characteristics of dietary fat may exert potent effects on energy intake. The underlying mode of action is unknown. However, the prolonged nature of the effect suggests that it may be mediated by events in the intestine, rather than the stomach. A number of gastro-intestinal hormones (glucagon-like peptide-1, enterostatin and cholecystokinin) which have been shown to induce satiety and inhibit food intake may be involved. Further studies are needed to evaluate the long-term effects of Olibra™ and to assess if the observed reductions in food intake would be manifested in weight loss. If the product is shown to be effective in the medium-to-long term, it offers a strategy, based on normal food ingredients, for lowering energy intakes which may be of value in achieving and/or maintaining weight loss.

Source: Dr M B E Livingstone, Reader in Nutrition, Northern Ireland Centre for Diet and Health, University of Ulster, Coleraine, Co Londonderry.

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