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Weight Loss in Obese Men
Health-Related Quality of Life in Male Obesity Patients on Low Energy Diet
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Weight Loss in Obese Men - Clinical Trial

Health-related quality of life in WHO Class II-III obese men losing weight with very-low-energy diet and behavior modification: a randomized clinical trial

Weight Loss Study Aim
To study health-related quality of life responses to marked weight loss in WHO Class II-III (body mass index (BMI) 35 kg/m2) obese men.

Weight Loss Study Method
An 8 month randomize clinical trial with a 4 month weight loss program (10 weeks on a very-low-energy diet (VLED) and 17 behaviour modification visits) in the treatment group and no intervention in the control group.

Weight Loss Study Subjects
Nineteen men (mean age 45.9 years, mean BMI 39.3 kg/m2) in the treatment group and 19 men (47.2 years, 39.4 kg/m2) in the control group.

Weight Loss Study Measurements
Weight and questionnaires measuring health-related quality of life.

Weight Loss Study Results
In the treatment group, the mean weight loss was 17.0 percent at the end of the 4-month therapy. At the end of follow-up, nearly 6 months after the end of VLED in the treatment group, the average maintained weight loss was 13.9 percent of baseline weight. The control group was weight stable throughout the study. During treatment, there was only transient improvement in general health, bodily pain, mental health, emotional role functioning and vitality (all increases in the scores were not statistically significant). Improvements in physical functioning, social functioning and obesity-related psychosocial problems were maintained until the end of follow-up. The treatment group also reported improvement in perceived health in the past year. There was only minor fluctuation in questionnaire scores in the control group.

Weight Loss Study Conclusion
The short-term and maintained health-related quality of life effects of weight loss may differ. Marked weight loss in WHO Class II-III obese men leads to improvements in physical functioning, social functioning, obesity-related psychosocial problems, and perceived health; these improvements were maintained at 4 month post-intervention follow-up.

Source: International Journal of Obesity

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