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Chitosan - Does it Help Weight Loss?

Chitosan is a fiber composed of chitin, which is a component of shellfish. It is processed so that it absorbs fat and cholesterol in the digestive tract. The adsorbed fat and cholesterol are excreted through the bowel. Because of chitosan's ability to bind and absorb fat, it may help some people lose weight.

Chitosan, Weight Loss & Vitamin C
Studies show that ascorbic acid (vitamin C) helps activate chitosan in the stomach and intestine into a fat-absorbing gel. When ascorbic acid was given with chitosan to rats, far more fat was trapped and excreted in the feces than when chitosan was given without ascorbic acid. It is important to take pure ascorbic acid to enhance the fat-absorbing effects of chitosan. Buffered or mineral ascorbates will not work as well.

Effects of Chitosan on Weight Loss
Three studies have found no significant differences in weight or serum cholesterol levels between subjects who took chitosan and those who received a placebo. One study involved 30 overweight volunteers who received four capsules of either chitosan or a placebo for 28 consecutive days and were told to eat their normal diet. The chitosan and placebo groups showed no differences in weight or serum cholesterol levels. The second study involved 51 healthy obese women followed for 8 weeks. The chitosan group had slightly (but not significantly) greater cholesterol reduction than the placebo group, but no difference in weight occurred between the two groups. The other study, which involved 68 obese men and women, found no improvement in weight, body composition, blood pressure, or lipid profile.

Fat Absorption Insignificant
Another study has found that the amount of fat actually removed by chitosan is insignificant. The study involved 15 men who consumed five meals per day for 12 days with a daily total of about 25 grams of fat. The amount of fat excreted during four days when they took chitosan supplements was then compared to the amount excreted without chirosan. Taking 10 capsules of chitosan per day increased fecal fat excretion by only about 1 gram (9 calories), which would have no significant effect on a person's weight.

Sources include: www.quackwatch.org

Diet and Weight Loss Supplements
If you want to reduce weight and you are considering buying supplements, then for optimum health, as well as fat loss, check ingredients thoroughly. Labelling and health follow-up arrangements for dietary supplements are relatively lax, so it's up to you to vet the supplement product!

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