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Underweight - Health Risks
Health Dangers of Being Below Normal Weight (BMI Less Than 19)
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Health Consequences & Side Effects for Underweight Patients

Under Weight - Health Risks

We all know that obesity is bad for health, but being under-weight can also pose health risks.

What is Under-weight

Most doctors use the Body Mass Index (BMI) in order to determine if someone is underweight, overweight or normal weight. A BMI of less than about 19 (20 for men) is considered underweight.

Health Risks of Being Underweight

If your BMI is 19 or lower, you are considered to have an unhealthily low weight, which means you have a higher risk of anemia, bone loss, nutrient deficiency, heart irregularities, amenorrhoea (loss of periods in women) and osteoporosis in later life. Health risks of being underweight may also include depression and other emotional distress. If you are underweight, you should take steps to gain weight and improve nutrition.

Check Your Body Mass Index for Underweight

Check the Body Mass Index Weight Chart. If you are underweight, see your doctor for advice and check if your weight is a symptom of a medical condition, and ask for nutritional advice to help you gain weight.

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Sources include: UK National Health Service. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


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