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Reduce Fat in Cheese
How to Eat Less and Lose Weight
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Tips on How to Reduce Fat Intake From Cheese

Regular cheese is high in fat, especially saturated fat. Since fat contains twice the calories of carbs or protein, it's not ideal for weight loss. So here are a few tips to reduce fat in your diet and lose weight in the process.

1. Remember the tasty, healthy and low-fat substitutes for cream - low-fat natural yogurt, Greek yogurt and fromage frais.

2. Reduce fat by making better choices. Remember that Cheddar-type cheeses are one-third fat. Stilton and cream cheeses are nearly half fat. Softer cheese like Brie, Camembert and Edam are about a quarter fat.

3. Switch to reduced-fat varieties. The lower-fat Cheddar-type cheese on sale usually contains less than half the fat of conventional Cheddar - about 14 percent fat. There are also now many low-fat versions of soft cheeses. However, it's best to use these products as a way of further cutting down your calories rather than as a way of eating more cheese!

4. Eat more cottage cheese! It's much lower in fat and comes in a range of different varieties.

5. When cooking with cheese, use a stronger flavored variety perhaps adding a little mustard. This helps to reduce the quantity needed and saves you calories.

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