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How to Reduce Fat Intake From Meat
How to Eat Less Fat and Lose Weight
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How to Reduce Fat Intake from Meat

If you want to reduce calories in order to lose weight, here are some tips for reducing your fat-intake from meat. Remember, fat contains twice the calories of protein or carbs.

  • Cut out meat products like pies, sausages and pates completely. Or, look for lower-fat versions.
  • Cut off any visible fat on meat. Choose lean cuts, e.g. leg of lamb rather than shoulder. Your portion size of lean meat should be about 3 oz (75g)
  • White chicken meat is very lean provided you remove the skin; this gets rid of most of the fat and half of the calories. Your portion size should be 4-6 oz. Turkey and game are also low in fat; on the other hand, duck and goose are quite fatty.
  • Eat more fish. White fish is extremely low in fat. Portion size here can be about 5-6 oz. Fish like herring, salmon or mackerel contain more fat but when grilled are not too high in calories. If buying canned fish, choose canned fish like sardines and tuna packed in water rather than oil - this almost halves the calories.
  • Always grill rather than fry meat - this very significantly reduces the calories. Alternatively, microwave or poach in water or skimmed milk, or steam.
  • If using ground beef, choose the leanest you can buy.
  • In casseroles and stews, cut down the amount of meat you would normally use. Remember even lean red meat has a significant fat content. To supplement the meat, add beans, lentils, peas or garbanzo beans (chick peas).

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