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Weight Loss - Salon Treatments
Wraps / Bandages or Electrical Stimulation Do Not Lead to Permanent Weight Loss
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Weight Loss - Salon Treatments

Various 'weight loss' and 'inch loss' treatments are available at beauty salons throughout the world. The main types are:

Weight Loss Wraps/ Bandages
Where most or all of the body is wrapped quite tightly in bandages soaked in minerals/herbs/seaweed, sometimes followed by massage. This weight loss treatment causes Inch loss as the bandages promote loss of fluid from the body.

Electrical Stimulation
Where electric current is passed through the fatty areas and the fat is said to split into free fatty acids which are transported out of the body via the lymph system. This is simply not true. Even if the body's fatty tissues were converted into free fatty acids by electrical stimulation, unless they were used for energy (via exercise or diet), they would simply end up as body fat again.

Electrical 'Faradic' or 'Galvanic' Stimulation
Sometimes given in combination with oils or algae to 'boost metabolism'. The treatment is said to increase muscle tone, lose inches and improve skin tone. A course of a few sessions would make little difference to muscle tone; metabolism can hardly be boosted by external treatment such as this. Inches may be lost (if many measurements are taken from all over the worked-on areas) via fluid loss, and skin tone may well be better.

Lymphatic Drainage
Typically given via manual or machine massage, with or without treatment oils. This will result in weight loss (i.e. fluid loss) of a pound or two, which is regained shortly afterwards.

All these salon "weight loss" treatments, and others like them, can help you to feel better and look better temporarily, but few if any have ever been proved actually to help you lose body fat, or even body weight, on a permanent basis.

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