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Low Fat Diet Study
Low Fat Diets May Raise Cholesterol and Worsen Insulin Resistance
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Low Fat Diets

A study in the April 1997 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition by Dr. Jorgen Jeppesen and colleagues at the Stanford University School of Medicine demonstrated that low-fat diets in adult women were actually unhealthful, as they raised triglycerides, lowered good HDL-cholesterol, and worsened insulin resistance. Dr. Ronald Krauss, head of the AHA Nutrition Committee, admitted studies have found that for two-thirds of consumers low-fat diets increased the risk of heart disease or didn't help them. Since establishing their 2000 Dietary Guidelines, the AHA has recommended diets moderate in fat intake for healthy Americans.

It's becoming clearer that data simply doesn't link fat intake with a major impact on heart disease, most types of cancer, or weight. The 2001 findings of the Nutrition Committee of the AHA's Scientific Conference on Dietary Fatty Acids and Cardiovascular Health recognized the changing science and the need for increased understanding of how fatty acids affect health.

Moreover, there's no clinical evidence that either fast-food content or portion sizes cause obesity, according to Cara Ebbeling, Ph.D., and colleagues at the Division of Endocrinology at Children's Hospital Boston . "There is little research into the effects of portion size on food intake," she reported. In fact, a clinical study found younger children ate the same amount irrespective of portion size, and that didn't change until children were older and into the age group already seeing obesity and diabetes. Likewise, "there are no data on fast food and obesity in children."

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