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Olestra and Weight Loss Study
Weight Reduction Effect of Replacing Dietary Fat with Olestra
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Olestra & Weight Loss - Study

Effect on weight loss of replacing dietary fat with olestra for two or ten weeks in healthy men and women.

Olestra-Weight Loss Study - Aim
To examine in two separate studies the effects of replacing dietary fat with Olestra on body composition and weight change in healthy young men and women.

Olestra-Weight Loss Study - Methods
Ten healthy, lean young men participated in Study One that was a 22-day single blind, within-subject design. After a control diet (40 percent fat) for eight days Study One subjects received an Olestra-substituted diet (31 percent metabolizable fat) for 14 days. Study Two was a randomized parallel-arm clinical trial with 15 healthy, lean and overweight young women. These subjects were randomly assigned to receive a control diet (40 percent fat), an Olestra-containing diet (31 percent metabolizable fat) or a reduced-fat diet (31 percent fat) for 10 weeks. All foods were provided to the subjects, and energy intakes were not restricted. The primary endpoint in both studies was change from baseline in body weight. In Study Two, body composition was measured by dual energy x-ray absorptiometry. In both studies, food intake and nutrient compensation were assessed.

Olestra-Weight Loss Study - Results
In Study One fat substitution by Olestra resulted in a significant 1.7 kg weight loss from baseline. In Study Two, change in body weight and body fat from baseline were statistically significant in all groups, but the group with Olestra lost significantly more weight from baseline (-5.0 kg) than the other two groups. In Study One there was partial compensation for the decreased energy intake, while in Study Two, compensation was seen only for those on the reduced-fat diet.

Olestra-Weight Loss Study - Conclusion
Replacement of 1/3 of dietary fat with Olestra in periods of up to 10 weeks results in weight loss in men and women.

Source: Roy HJ, Most MM, Sparti A, Lovejoy JC, Volaufova J, Peters JC, Bray GA. Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge 70808, USA. 2002

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