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Total Wellbeing Diet

At last, a diet developed by Adelaide scientists gives hope to thousands of overweight Australians.

More than 40,000 Australians already are believed to be on the protein-rich diet released a month ago.

Health experts say the clinically proved diet, from the laboratories of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), has merit.

The Total Wellbeing Diet also has good news for fast-food junkies in that it allows the occasional splurge.

A CSIRO trial of the diet - a high-protein, low-fat eating plan - have shown reductions in both weight and body fat.

CSIRO Clinical Research Unit senior research dietitian Dr Manny Noakes said it also had a significant impact on weight-related health issues by reducing the risk of heart disease and Type II diabetes.

Unlike fads such as the Atkins diet - which emphasises high-protein, fat and few carbohydrates and which has been linked to causing high "bad" cholesterol - the CSIRO diet is nutritionally balanced and can be maintained over a long term, Dr Noakes says.

It focuses on protein-based foods such as lean red meat, fish and chicken and plenty of vegetables, cereals, dairy products and grains.

Of the 120 women aged between 30 and 65 who took part in the 12-week trial, half were put on a high-protein, low-fat menu and the rest were given a high-carbohydrate, low-fat program.

While both groups dropped in weight, those on the high-protein diet lost up to 25 per cent more weight and twice the amount of body fat.

On average, each member of the high-protein group lost 6kg of body fat and reduced their weight by 7.6kg.

"If women follow it, the majority of women will lose weight," Dr Noakes said.

Those on the high-protein diet were eating less and were more in control of what they ate.

The results were most apparent in those with a metabolic problem known as Syndrome X, which affects one in four women and can be prevented with weight loss.

Women with Syndrome X run a greater risk of cardio-vascular disease and Type II diabetes.

Warning signals include high insulin, high blood pressure, abdominal fat, high blood glucose, low levels of "good" cholesterol and high levels of fats in the bloodstream.

Source: The Advertiser- Australia. 2003

Weight Loss Methods
The science of weight loss and obesity management is constantly evolving, along with research into weight loss drugs, supplements and gastric bypass surgery. At present, however, a balanced diet combined with regular exercise remains the favored weight management strategy of most weight loss experts.

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