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Are All Weight Loss Diets Healthy
Very-Low-Calorie, Fad Diets, Very Low Carb Plans, All Unhealthy
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Are All Weight Loss Diets Healthy?

No, all weight loss diets are not healthy. Typical examples of unhealthy weight loss diets include those that reduce calories too low for optimum nutrient intake, or those that exclude whole food groups. There is evidence that the fashionable high-protein, low-carb diets may be unhealthy, and even vegetarian diets can be unhealthy if the dieter isn't careful to choose a suitably wide range of foods. High-fat, low carb diets are generally unhealthy and even calorie-counting can be a poor way to diet if you aren't sensible - you might lose weight on 1,250 calories a day of chocolate, but it wouldn't be good for you.

The US Department of Agriculture has produced a report on the efficacy and health of a number of popular weight loss diets and programs, and favors the basic low-fat, high-carb diets as the best and healthiest way to diet. The World Health Organization also believes that this type of weight loss diet is best.

As always, if you have any doubts about which weight loss diet to choose, consult a professional dietitian or speak with your doctor.

Weight Loss Diet Advice

Weight loss diets should contain balanced eating plans which include all food groups. Because a balanced diet gives you more nutrition. Remember: a well-nourished body loses weight faster.

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