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Weight Loss Diet Expectations
Best Weight Loss Goal is Realistic 10 Percent Drop in Body Weight
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Weight Loss Diet Expectations

Weight Loss Diet Expectations Study Summary
A recent weight loss study suggests that patients who set weight loss goals that are unattainable, even when counseled, will be disappointed and feel a failure.

Weight Loss Diet Expectations Study Aim
To determine whether patients' weight loss expectations change when they were informed about how much they could expect to lose in one year of lifestyle modification combined with medication (sibutramine).

Weight Loss Diet Expectations Study Method
53 women completed a questionnaire asking them how much weight they expected to lose after 4, 12, 26 and 52 weeks of treatment. They were told they could expect to lose 5 to 15 percent of their initial weight during treatment. This fact was repeated in two separate sections of the consent form. After signing the consent form, the women completed a second questionnaire on their weight loss expectations.

Weight Loss Diet Expectations Study Results
Patients' weight loss essentially remained unchanged, with patients expecting to lose weight at a faster rate than is realistic. The only reduction in weight loss expectations before and after counseling was seen after 52-weeks with patients predicting that they would lose 25 percent vs. 28 percent of their starting weight.

Weight Loss Diet Expectations Study Conclusion
The weight loss study underscores patients continued desire to lose much more weight than can be achieved by the best behavioral and weight loss drugs available today. It is important for physicians to emphasize that a 10 percent drop in body weight is a success. Practitioners should work with patients to readjust expectations with a focus on health to avoid what patients label as another failed weight loss attempt. There is clear clinical evidence that a modest weight loss of 5 to 10 percent can improve risk factors for diabetes and heart disease, including high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. People whose excess weight puts their health at risk should seek help from their physician to set realistic weight loss goals that will reduce their future health risks.

Source: Press Release: North American Association For The Study Of Obesity

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