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Weight Loss and Diet Issues
Statistics on How Many People Attempt a Diet and Regain Weight
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Weight Loss & Diet Issues

Weight Loss & Weight Regain in Europe
230.6 million people in 2002 across Europe attempted a diet, according to market analysts. Only 3.8 million will succeed in maintaining their new weight, while the remaining will gain the weight back again. The low success rate reflects badly on the diet industry and leaves an opening for manufacturers and retailers to emphasise 'healthy eating' products to help consumers keep the weight off after dieting.

Weight Loss Expectations Unrealistic
Potential dieters are bombarded by a myriad of information sources. Their knowledge of dieting, weight loss, nutrition and obesity comes from food manufacturers and retailers, but the source that targets them most effectively is the mass media. The problem with this is that no clear message emerges. Analysts suggest that the majority of consumers are ill-informed about what they can realistically expect from dieting. This reflects poorly on the diet industry and is a major contributing factor to the ineffectiveness of people's dieting efforts.

Weight Loss Diet & Lifestyle Change
'Healthy eating' as opposed to 'dieting' are the watchwords for any person who wants to lose weight. A weight loss diet alone is not a long-term solution to excessive weight. It is certainly part of it, but only within the context of a general pattern of healthy eating and exercise habits. The ultimate aim should be that a person seeking permanent weight loss should not consciously be on a constant diet but rather should have changed his or her lifestyle.

Diets & Permanent Weight Loss
Whereas a dieter may initially lose excess weight through a traditional diet, they should then be encouraged to move on to manufacturers' or retailers' other weight loss products which will help them to develop and maintain healthy eating patterns. This approach should lead to higher dieting success rates, a better image for the diet industry and higher confidence amongst consumers, the report concludes.

Source: Food Navigator.com

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