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Weight Loss Diet Research - Dieting Effects
Children / Adolescents Who Follow Weight Loss Plan More Likely to Become Overweight
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Weight Loss Diet Research - Dieting Effects

Weight Loss Study Summary
Recent weight loss research among children and adolescents, suggests that those who diet to lose weight were significantly more likely to become overweight than those who never followed a weight loss diet.

Weight Loss Study Method
Harvard Medical School assessed the weight change patterns of frequent dieters compared to infrequent dieters and those who never dieted. The study included 5,865 girls and 4,322 boys, ages 9 to 14 years in 1996 and followed from 1996 to 1998. Among those who were normal weight in 1996 and 1997, 27.9 percent of the girls and 6.7 percent of the boys had dieted to lose weight in the previous year.

Weight Loss Study Results
Normal weight female dieters were significantly more likely than non-dieters to report binge eating at least monthly (.5% never dieters vs. 3.1% infrequent dieters vs. 12.5% frequent dieters). Between 1997 and 1998, 2.7 percent of the girls and 5.2 percent of the boys became overweight. Regardless of their intake of calories, fat or carbohydrate or their physical activity or inactivity, the frequent dieters were significantly more likely to become overweight than those who never dieted.

Weight Loss Study Conclusion
Few people are able to stick to a restrictive diet for an extended period of time. Therefore, periods of dieting may be interspersed with periods of overeating. Adolescents who are not overweight should be encouraged to adopt a more moderate approach to weight control. Instead of following a weight loss diet, which invariably cannot be maintained, physical activity and eating patterns should be promoted that are healthy and not overly restrictive

Source: Press Release: North American Association For The Study Of Obesity

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