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Weight Loss Hypocaloric Diet
Effect of Very Low Calorie Diet on Body Composition, Hunger and Weight Regain
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Weight Loss Hypocaloric Diet

Effects of a 6-Week Hypocaloric Diet on Changes in Body Composition, Hunger, and Subsequent Weight Regain in Healthy Young and Older Adults

Weight Loss Study Background
A short-term impairment in the regulation of food intake in older adults has been suggested by recent weight loss studies, but further studies are needed to determine if a longer-term impairment exists and to identify underlying causes.

Weight Loss Study Methods
Changes in body weight and composition were measured over a 6-week underfeeding study and a 6-month follow-up period in healthy young (n = 23) and older (OLD, n = 18) men and women. The young adults were either normal weight (YNW, n = 12) or overweight (n = 11). Energy intakes during underfeeding were 896 ± 18 (SEM) kcal less than weight-maintenance energy requirements determined prior to underfeeding. In addition, changes in perceived hunger during underfeeding were monitored in a subgroup (n = 19).

Weight Loss Study Results
OLD and overweight subjects lost significantly more weight during underfeeding than did normal weight subjects and they did not gain back significant weight in the 6-month follow-up. In addition, OLD subjects reported a significantly lower frequency of hunger during underfeeding. There was no significant difference among groups in the relationship between weight lost and fat-free mass lost.

Weight Loss Study Conclusion
Healthy OLD adults have an impaired ability to regulate food intake over at least 6 months following underfeeding compared with normal weight adults, and a reduction in their perceived frequency of hunger may be a contributing factor

Source: The Gerontological Society of America
Julio C. Morigutia, Sai K. Dasa, Edward Saltzmana, Alberto Corralesa, Megan A. McCrorya, Andrew S. Greenberga and Susan B. Roberts.

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