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We cover answers to questions about how to lose weight through the use of weight loss diet programs, bariatric surgery, weight loss pills, fitness workouts and obesity counseling. For information about any of these weight reduction topics, click below.

Free Advice About How to Reduce Weight

This website contains a wide variety of free information about how to lose weight, including answers to hundreds of questions about weight reduction and weight maintenance, for women, men and teenagers.

Different Methods to Lose Weight

For people who suffer from obesity, there are several ways of reducing body weight, and lowering associated weight-related health problems.

First, there are conventional weight loss diets, that are calorie-controlled to create an energy deficit. Among these types of weight loss programs are high-protein low-carb diet plans (like Atkins or South Beach), low-cholesterol eating plans, meal-replacement liquid diets or very-low-calorie dietary plans. We include reviews of weight loss plans plus information on daily calorie needs, both to reduce weight or gain weight. We also provide guidelines to help you create your own weight-reducing diet plan, along with low-calorie recipes.

Second, there are several types of weight loss drugs to help people control their weight. (1) Prescription-only obesity drugs to suppress appetite (like Meridia/Sibutramine), or inhibit fat absorption (like Xenical/Orlistat); (2) Non-prescription diet pills to speed up metabolism and reduce appetite. These types of weight loss pills include herbal supplements, starch-blockers and so-called fat-burners.

Thirdly, there is weight loss surgery - also known as bariatric surgery. There are two types of operation to reduce obesity. (1) Restrictive operations, which help us to lose weight by reducing stomach size. Examples include: gastric stapling like vertical banded gastroplasty, and adjustable gastric banding like lap-band. (2) Malabsorptive procedures (like roux-en-y gastric bypass), which shrink the stomach and also bypass the remaining stomach and the first section of small intestine.

These malabsorption obesity surgeries reduce both food intake and also the amount of calories (and nutrition) that can be absorbed in the digestive tract. The risks of gastric bypass surgery must be weighed against the proven health problems of severe clinical obesity.

Lastly, there are hundreds of different weight loss products or services that claim to help us control our weight. These include, patches, weight loss centers or camps, acupuncture, hypnosis, salon treatments and many others.

Weight and Health Questions

We cover a variety of questions about weight and health, including the benefits of obesity reduction, weight loss for diabetics, adolescents, new moms after pregnancy, during breast-feeding, women during menopause and questions about balanced diet, as well as the effects of weight reduction on heart health and cholesterol. In addition, we provide a weight chart and answer questions about healthy weight, body mass index and body composition measurements like healthy body fat percentage. Since obesity experts now consider waist circumference to be one of the key factors in weight-risk assessment, we explain all about healthy waist-hip ratio. Lastly, since exercise is so important for health, we explain the various weight management benefits of walking, running, strength-training, and other exercise workouts.

Weight Control Problems

We include answers to questions concerning problems such as: weight loss plateau, hypothroidism, weight cycling, (weight gain at college, or after smoking), and offer tools and guidelines about the best weight loss goals.

Healthy Eating Advice to Lose Weight

Dietitians recommend a healthy balanced diet for fast weight loss. Fad diets which ignore dietary guidelines are unhealthy as well as bad for weight loss.

So, whatever your goals - whether you want to lose weight or develop a healthy exercise plan to reduce body fat - we can offer you the help and support you need, as well as practical tips on achieving your aims.

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