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Beverly Hills Diet Plan
Weight Loss Results on the Beverly Hills Low Calorie Program
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Does the Beverly Hills Diet Plan Work

Beverly Hills Diet - Short-Term Weight Loss

The Beverly Hills Diet is a low-calorie diet by another name, and initial weight loss is likely to be high, much of which will be fluid and lean tissue.

Beverly Hills Diet - Long-Term Weight Loss

Few people can sustain such a restricted and low-calorie diet for long. For long-term maintenance Mazel relies upon limiting types of food at one meal - e.g., three proteins, or three carbs, or fruit only with Champagne, with mono meals (one food only) interspersed to keep overall calorie low. Compliance may be be difficult over time.

Beverly Hills Diet - Health Concerns

With such a restricted range of foods, especially in the early stages, nutrient shortfalls are likely, including some vitamins and minerals, protein and essential fats. People unused to high amounts of fruit may suffer from stomach cramps, diarrhoea and wind. The fad element of the diet may encourage a poor relationship with food. Calorie content is likely to be too low for short- or long-term use and, on some days, blood sugar levels may fluctuate and cause weakness.

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