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F-Plan Diet and Health Issues

The F-Plan Diet is generally one of the healthiest to be found, even today. Although there is evidence that high intakes of wheat bran (found in the fiber-filler breakfast) can inhibit the absorption of minerals such as iron and calcium, a high-fiber diet is linked with less risk of some cancers. Recent research suggests that there is up to 40 percent less risk of bowel cancer with high fiber consumption.

The F-plan Diet may be low in essential fats from fish and plant oils depending on food choices made. Plenty of water or other low-calorie liquid should be taken on a high fiber diet.

Is the F-Plan Diet Scientifically Sound?

Most of the rationale for eating a high fiber diet while dieting is correct. However, it is interesting to note that not all high-fiber foods are low on the Glycaemic Index - the index that measures how quickly foods are absorbed into the bloodstream. For example, baked potatoes, parsnips, whole wheat bread and dates (which all feature regularly in the F-plan Diet) are high on the index and quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. The diet works like any diet - by reducing the total number of calories that are eaten.

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