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Food Combining Diet
William Hay Food-Combining System to Improve Health and Reduce Weight
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Food Combining Diet

This wasn't devised as a weight loss diet, but people who follow the system do inevitably lose weight, at least to begin with, because the system is self-limiting in calories due to it's dietary rules and restrictions. Many people love eating the Hay way, but many more have tried it and had to give up. Those who do stick with if often report feeling energized, with niggling ailments improvements.

Dr William Hay invented food combining (The Hay system) early last century. He believed that disease is caused by accumulation of toxins and acid waste and that we can all have good health if we avoid eating certain combinations of foods. For example, we should not mix protein and carb foods at the same meal, because starches are broken down by alkaline saliva and proteins require gastric acid. As well as this major rule, there are also banned foods and other rules about how and when to eat.

There is little scientific evidence to support the 'don't mix protein and carb' theory. The body is perfectly capable of digesting proteins alongside carbs and, indeed, very many foods contain both themselves (e.g. pulses, potatoes). That said, the Hay food-combining diet system manages to be a reasonably healthy calorie controlled diet and some people report greatly improved health.

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