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High Fat, High Sugar Diets Addictive
High Fat, High Sugar Intake in Foods Can be Addictive
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High Fat and/or High Sugar Diets - Addictive

If you want to lose weight and avoid obesity, steer clear of high fat or high sugar diets.

Diet researchers at Rockefeller University (NY) have discovered that high doses of fat and sugar in fast and processed foods can be as addictive as nicotine - and even hard drugs.

Apparently, these foods can cause significant changes in brain chemistry similar to those from drugs like heroin and cocaine.

Once hooked, the researchers say, many people find it impossible to switch back to a healthy diet. And this often leads to obesity.

In a second diet study, (University of Wisconsin) researchers traced the biochemical changes in the brains of rats fed on different diets. Those given a high fat diet became hooked and displayed symptoms similar to those of drug addicts deprived of their fix if their fat was taken away.

The lesson is, high fat or high sugar diets are bad news for weight loss and appear to increase chances of obesity.

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