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Meal Replacement Diet Plans
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Meal Replacement Diet Plans

Most dieters begin on 3 meal replacements a day plus one normal healthy meal. The replacement meals contain around 200-250 calories, the normal meal around 600 calories. Plus you may have extras like fruit and skimmed milk.

Meal Replacement Diet - A Typical Day's Eating

Milk shake replacement meal


Milk-shake replacement meal

Grilled chicken, baked potato, 2 servings of vegetables, gravy, banana

6-8 glasses of water or calorie-free drink

Weight Loss in Short-Term

Weight loss will begin quickly when two meals a day are replaced. Body fat/fluid/lean tissue loss will be similar to that on normal low-calorie diets.

Weight Loss in Long-Term

Two studies have shown that meal replacement dieting is effective. One, partially supported by SlimFast and reported at the European Congress on Obesity in 2001, showed that dieters lost more weight than the control group when using meal replacement drinks, and kept the weight off more successfully. Another, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, showed successful weight loss which was largely maintained after four years.

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