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Raw Food Diet Plan
Daily Eating Plan on Raw Food Weight Loss Diet
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Raw Food Diet Plan

A typical raw-food diet plan advises that you eat at least 75 percent of your food raw, perhaps with the addition of some whole cooked grains and pulses, good-quality fish, poultry and a few other things (though many raw fooders are strict vegans, and also try to avoid all cooked foods). The raw foods are usually a choice of any veg, fruit, dried fruits and juices, nuts and seeds, sprouted seeds and grains, rolled or flaked grains, salad dressings, herbs and spices and more.

Raw Food Diet - A Typical Day's Eating

Fresh fruit salad topped with chopped fresh almonds, wheatgerm and pumpkin seeds; sheep's milk bio yogurt or coconut cream.

Mixed salad of various leaves, yellow peppers, tomatoes, red onions and parsley dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing and topped with sprouted lentils.

Raw mixed vegetable soup (blended), homemade sunflower seed cheese, ½ avocado, raspberry and banana sorbet.

Water, juices, fruit smoothies, coconut milk.

Weight Loss on Raw Food Diet

Although weight loss is almost guaranteed, most people this will be a very hard diet regime to get used to - it requires a complete rethink on shopping and meal preparation and makes a social life quite hard when mixing with people eating non-raw. However, time may be saved in respect of actual cooking and there is little need to calorie count.

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