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Scarsdale Diet Program
Low Calorie High Protein Weight Loss Diet Book by Dr Merman Tarnower
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The Scarsdale Diet Program

A hugely popular diet from the '70's, written by Dr Herman Tarnower, who ran a clinic in the town of the same name and created the diet for overweight patients. Now billed as the 'world's best selling diet book', the Scarsdale Diet is still selling well today.

The Scarsdale Diet is alone among other high-protein low-carb diet programs in its balance of the major nutrients. It contains 43 percent protein (the highest of all the diets, including Atkins), 22.5 percent fat (making it a low- to very-low-fat diet, unlike the other 'high-protein' diets which are, in fact, high-fat-diets) and 34.5 percent carbs. Tarnower claimed that even on this level of carbs, ketosis would happen, weight loss would be speedy and hunger not a problem. You are supposed to follow the weight-reduction diet for two weeks at a time only, followed by the keep-trim program, higher in calories and choice but with a long list of banned foods.

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