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Ghrelin Hunger Hormone and Weight Loss Surgery
Obesity Drugs as Alternative to Bariatric Surgery to Reduce Ghrelin Levels in Stomach
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Ghrelin and Weight Loss

So are all conventional diets doomed to failure because of increased ghrelin? Not necessarily, say researchers, who believe the discovery about the role and importance of ghrelin holds great potential for the future of weight loss.

One possibility is the development of a ghrelin "antagonist," a drug that, like gastric bypass surgery, blocks the production of ghrelin. Cummings believes that such a drug could be an attractive alternative to gastric bypass, and perhaps a treatment for those who are even modestly overweight.

But other experts warn that you may want to wait before indulging in that box of doughnuts.

To begin, many obese individuals report that their eating binges are often

unrelated to hunger or actual sensations of stomach emptiness.

Rather, the motivation is often triggered by an environmental cue such as a TV commercial or an internal cue such as stress, anger or boredom, says Dr. Mark S. Greenberg, neuropsychologist at Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Clinical Research Center in Cambridge, Mass.

Greenberg therefore believes that "any comprehensive approach to weight loss/control will have to reckon with these 'non-nutritional' episodes of ingestion, and not just up- or down-regulate the hunger/satiety circuits."

And he's not alone in the belief that while drugs may help, they can't do it alone. "Medications have always been the great hope for weight control but their track records have been controversial," says Chae.

"Drugs and pills are never and probably will never be the only answer," agrees Connie Diekman, director of nutrition at Washington University in St. Louis. "Healthy eating and regular physical activity are essential to weight control and disease prevention, making that part of the weight equation a constant."

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Weight Loss Surgery - No Guarantees
Gastrointestinal weight loss surgery is not an easy weight loss option. It's a serious surgical procedure whose long-term weight loss success depends on a patient's commitment to diet and behavior modification for life, along with exercise for weight control.

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