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Bariatric Surgery Overcomes Ghrelin Weight Regain Problem
Gastric Bypass Reduces Levels of Ghrelin Hunger Hormone Unlike Diet-Induced Weight Loss
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Weight Loss Diet and Ghrelin

Why Diet and Exercise Fail

Unlike after gastric bypass surgery induced weight loss, after diet-induced weight loss, researchers have observed a rise in blood-ghrelin levels. In addition to increasing food intake, they discovered that ghrelin also slows down the body's metabolic rate. Ghrelin, it seems, is on a mission to maintain body weight.

Over the course of evolution, natural selection has developed genes that in times of feast "put meat on the bones," and in times of famine decrease metabolism in an attempt to increase body weight, says Cummings. And although times have changed, it seems our genes have not.

Ghrelin appears to be part of the body's built-in defense mechanism to protect against famine and starvation.

This preservation phenomenon could be why "weight loss occurs fast at first but then slows as the body fights vigorously to regain this predetermined set point," says Dr. Michael Meguid, Nutrition editor-in-chief and director of surgical research at the State University of New York's Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, N.Y.

Ghrelin triggers hunger, says Frank Chae, assistant professor surgery and head of obesity surgery at the University of Colorado Health and Sciences Center in Denver. "Hunger is the chief reason for which most dieters quit dieting and regain the excess weight," he says.

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Weight Loss Surgery - No Guarantees
Gastrointestinal weight loss surgery is not an easy weight loss option. It's a serious surgical procedure whose long-term weight loss success depends on a patient's commitment to diet and behavior modification for life, along with exercise for weight control.

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