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Diet Nutrition and Slim-Fast Meal Replacement Plan
Increased Calcium Intake on Slimfast Diet but No Increase in Weight Loss
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Diet Nutrition and Slim-Fast Meal Replacement Plan

Women Following Slim-Fast Plan Consume Greater Amounts Of Calcium And Several Other Key Nutrients Than Those on Standard Diet

Weight Loss Study Summary
In a one-year weight loss study, women who followed the Slim-Fast meal replacement plan to manage their weight were shown to consume significantly higher daily amounts of calcium and several other key nutrients when compared to women following a standard reduced-calorie diet plan. After a year, women in the Slim-Fast arm had increased their calcium intake by 4 percent to 948 mg/day, while the amount of calcium consumed by those in the standard diet decreased 11 percent to 659 mg/day. The recommended daily allowance for calcium is 1000 mg/day for adults.

Weight Loss Study Method
96 overweight or obese women were randomly selected for one or the other of the two plans. Members of both groups were counseled by the same registered dietitian during 18 group sessions on the importance of calorie restriction, portion control, and consumption of recommended levels of key nutrients. Since the average weight loss and calorie restriction in the two groups was similar, it was possible to statistically compare the nutrient density of the two dietary regimens.

Weight Loss Study - Vitamins
In addition to calcium, those in the Slim-Fast group also consumed significantly higher daily levels of vitamins E, C, B6, riboflavin and pantothenic acid, phosphorus and magnesium. The vitamin E intake of those in the standard diet group fell to almost half the recommended dietary intake for vitamin E. The Slim-Fast group increased their intake of vitamin E to 21 mg/day, well above the recommended daily allowance of 15 mg/day. Slim-Fast meal replacements are fortified with vitamin E and other nutrients.

The Slim-Fast Plan
Slim-Fast offers a clinically proven weight management plan supported by 27 peer-reviewed clinical studies, including a landmark, 10-year community study demonstrating long-term efficacy and safety. The plan was shown to help people lose twice as much weight as they would with standard reduced-calorie diet programs.

Source: Slim-Fast Foods Company Press Release

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