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Slim-Fast Meal Replacements Diet Plan
Dieters Maintain Average Weight Loss of 6 Pounds
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Slim-Fast Meal Replacements Diet Plan

Weight Loss Study Summary
Slim-Fast Meal Replacement Plan Shown to Result in Significant Weight Loss at Six Months, Weight Maintenance for 10 Years. Study participants who routinely used the Slim-Fast meal replacement plan maintained an average weight loss of six pounds after 10 years while those in the matched group gained an average of nearly 27 pounds over the same time period.

Weight Loss Study Method
In the Slim-Fast group, men maintained an average weight loss of 7 pounds and women an average loss of 5.3 pounds over the 10-year period of the study. In the matched group, men gained an average of 25 pounds and women gained an average of 28 pounds, meaning the average weight of those in the matched group was 32.6 pounds greater after 10 years than the average weight of those in the Slim-Fast group. Body weight was documented twice annually during each year of the study. Study participants were also encouraged to increase their physical activity.

Weight Loss Study Method - 10 Years Later
After 10 years, 130 participants (44 men and 86 women) in the Slim-Fast arm and 154 participants in the matched group were evaluated. Matched group participants, who did not participate in the meal replacement plan, were matched with those in the Slim-Fast study on the basis of body mass index (BMI), age, sex, and race at the onset of the study.

Weight Loss Study Method - Portion Controlled Meal
To lose weight, those in the meal replacement group substituted a portion- controlled Slim-Fast meal or snack replacement for two regular meals and one of three daily snacks. To maintain weight, participants replaced one meal and one snack with Slim-Fast product. They were instructed to return to the weight loss plan of two meal replacements per day if they regained weight. Slim-Fast products were provided to those in the meal replacement study without cost.

Weight Loss Study Results
Slim-Fast with soy, results in seven percent weight loss after six months in obese patients who typically struggle with weight.

Source: Slim-Fast Foods Company Press Release

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