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Slim-Fast and Weight Loss
Meal Replacement Diet Reduces Weight and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Obese Diabetes Patients
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Slim-Fast Meal Replacement Diet & Weight Loss Success

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C-Reactive Protein, Cardiovascular Risk Factor Reduced in Obese Patients Using Slim-Fast with Soy

Slim-Fast Weight Loss Study Summary
A weight management plan using Slim-Fast with Soy as a meal replacement helped obese Type 2 diabetes patients lose weight and significantly reduce cardiovascular risk factors, including C-reactive protein. Patients who used Slim-Fast with Soy meal replacements reduced their level of C-reactive protein by 25 percent. C-reactive protein is produced by the liver in response to inflammation in diseased arteries and is the only marker of inflammation that independently predicts the risk of a heart attack.

Slim-Fast Weight Loss Study Method
In the Slim-Fast arm of the study, participants were instructed to use Slim-Fast with Soy meal replacements in place of two meals a day during the initial weight loss period and then used one per day for weight maintenance. With an individualized meal plan, subjects met with a registered dietician who instructed them on ways to reduce their caloric intake within the FDA's nutritional guidelines. In the study, 50 subjects with Type 2 diabetes began the study with high levels of C-reactive protein, and were randomized to either Slim-Fast with Soy (n=26) or to the individualized meal plan (n=24) for six months.

Slim-Fast Weight Loss Study Results
Significant decreases in total cholesterol (23.3 percent) and triglycerides (19.8 percent) also occurred in the Slim-Fast with Soy group. Similar improvements in the cardiovascular risk factors were not seen in patients using the individualized meal plan. In the individualized meal plan group, C-reactive protein levels dropped by 7 percent, total cholesterol by 9 percent and triglycerides by 10.5 percent. The Slim-Fast with Soy users also resulted in greater weight loss than those in the exchange plan over the six-month study. BMI index decreased by 6 percent in the Slim-Fast group, but only about 3 percent in the individualized meal plan group.

Source: Slim-Fast Foods Company Press Release

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