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Weight Loss Habits Vary with Gender
Reasons Why Men and Women Reduce Calories and Try to Lose Weight
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Weight Loss Habits Vary with Gender

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Weight Loss Survey
A new weight loss survey from new the Calorie Control Council reveals that men and women differ drastically in their approach to controlling weight and in terms of why they diet, why they use low-calorie and reduced-fat foods and why they can't lose that excess body fat. The Council takes a biannual look at Americans' eating and weight control habits and has tracked dieting trends for over 20 years.

Weight Loss Survey - Weight Loss Failures
The survey revealed that women blame themselves for not being able to lose weight while men are more likely to give external excuses. Forty-one percent of women attributed their weight loss failures to a lack of self-discipline, compared with only 28 percent of men. Women (36 percent) also are twice as likely to say they often overeat for emotional reasons such as boredom, stress or lack of family support as opposed to men (16 percent).

Weight Loss Survey - Low Fat Products
Physical appearance was a top contender for women as a reason for using low-calorie and reduced-fat (or "light") products but men ranked this reason much lower. Over 45 percent of women listed "maintaining physical appearance" as a reason to use these products, while only one-third of men gave this reason.

Weight Loss Survey - Weight Control Efforts
However, there are some things men and women do agree on that affect their eating habits and weight control efforts. The number one reason for being overweight is they don't exercise enough. Most check the nutrition label to determine the amount of calories, fat and type of ingredients they are consuming and feel that nutritional content is important. Overall, men and women feel that they are eating a healthier diet than they were just three years ago. And, because of the many low-calorie, reduced-sugar and reduced-fat foods available, both men and women feel that they are able to better control and balance their overall caloric intake.

Weight Loss Survey - Overweight Need to Lose Weight
Men and women alike seem to be getting the message - they're simply too overweight -with 66 percent of women and 51 percent of men stating they need to lose weight. With approximately 114 million Americans overweight (according to government statistics), 24 percent (or almost 50 million Americans over the age of 18) of Americans are "dieting." Another 36 percent are making a conscious effort to control their weight, recognizing that on-again off-again dieting is doomed to failure and that making gradual, more healthy lifestyle changes leads to long-term weight loss.

Source: Press Release: CaloriesCount.com.

Weight Reduction

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